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Hydra Vodka

Well worth a shot

Rising from the inky depths and making its way to only the finest drinking establishments, Hydra is the latest addition to our ever-growing drinks and packaging design portfolio. This project was so much fun to work on from beginning to end, and to top it off - it's a product that we wholeheartedly recommend.

Whether enjoyed straight or served with a mixer, Hydra’s smooth and refined taste draws deeply from ancient mythologies - magical, bold and beautifully crafted. Breathing life into the ancient tale of the many-headed beast that rose from the depths to challenge the mighty Hercules, Hydra is a vodka with bite. Dark in culture; mythical and dangerous. A drink of exceptional quality, made to the highest standards using artisanal distillation techniques and only the finest raw materials to evoke mythic emotions in all who take on the challenge of the Hydra. So, join us, raise a glass to the legend, and become the Hydra. Inhale the potent yet delicate aromas and savour the unique flavours as the liquid power coats the tongue before finally exhaling the heat born from the breath of Hydra. 

The dark aesthetic of Hydra was born from research into the ancient legends of this mythical monster. A strong black, white, and silver palette highlights the hand-drawn illustrative elements as the monster's tentacles reach around the bottle toward the elegant brand typography and bespoke iconography. This concept allowed us to blend traditional brand elements and skill sets with animation and even elements of A.I. in the promotion of the brand – and we had a great time doing just that.

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