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The shape of things to come

HFL is an independent, family-owned business with over three decades' experience in international wealth structuring and administration. Doesn't sound overly dynamic? Well, actually, these guys really are and it's been an absolute pleasure to work for someone who is so progressive. Whether you’re a seasoned GP or a first time manager, their team of experts look after some of Europe’s leading seed and growth stage VC funds.

First came the brand tweak. Their existing brand was a simple typographic identity and there was no real appetite to move away from this. So we suggested a more balanced solution that is all about fluidity, agility and flexibility but with stability. This single line also hints at the theme of connectivity and a single joined up methodology. The ribbon-like form is housed by a square that hints at stability and strength and makes the identity easy to stack and scale.

Then, following a series StyleScapes (a bit like highly developed mood boards to establish stylistic preferences), came the hero creative. A series of minimalist geometric forms that would go on to be animated for the homepage. These have then been used throughout the brand positioning as the roll out has started to ... well, roll out.

All this has gone to reposition HFL's visual image to match the spirit of the company and the incredible people who work there. Dynamic, progressive and forward thinking.

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