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Healthcare Group

Healthcare Group

We recently worked with Healthcare Group, a well-established and local provider of medical practices and GP surgeries. The goal of our project was to refresh their branding, website and social media communications to better reflect the high-quality care and services they offer to their patients across the island.

We wanted to ensure that the new branding accurately conveyed the trust and reliability that Healthcare Group is known for. We achieved this by incorporating a clean, modern look and feel throughout the website and marketing materials. Healthcare Group is also on the forefront of medical innovation, always developing their services to remain current and the brand communicates this by incorporating a contemporary usage of 3d renders, gradients and image layering techniques. 

In addition to the new visual identity, we also focused on improving the overall user experience of the website. We did this by simplifying the navigation and making it more intuitive for users to find the information they need. With the new website, patients can easily find the nearest surgery, register online and find out what they need to know whether they are a new or existing patient.

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