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Set yourself Free'r!


Free: able to act or be done as one wishes; not under the control of another. "I have no ambitions other than to have a happy life and be free"

This feels apt given the nature of our collaborative client Kieron and his 'consumption revolution' app - Freer. Freer is a native app that promotes circularity, or the continued borrowing and lending of things. 

Uber & Air BnB laid the blue print for challenging existing models and empowering new markets in traditional spheres and Freer will continue that theme. In essence, users can be both a borrower or a lender or each in autonomy. 

Throughout this journey, we have sighted the humble leaf blower, for some odd reason! In a leafy suburb of 20 streets with 40 houses per street, it is likely that up to 10 leaf blowers exist. Now for those that are anti-leaf blower (we know you're out there) you may argue that this is 10 leaf blowers too many already...but it is certainly 9 leaf blowers too many. In a Freer economy, that one leaf blower could look after these 800 houses' leaf problem. The individual who owns that leaf blower would lend/rent it out, therein generating revenue which in time will be paid for and maybe even earn him back the money spent on the original purchase and more. 

Likewise, borrowers enjoy a shop shelf in their community. 

I hope you can see why we have called it the consumption revolution. We have become an incredibly wasteful species, and shelf lives are dwindling to meet our fast-paced needs. This not only begins to change the frame of reference but can deeply impact our environment for the better...oh and we are gamifying your things with rewards! 

Potting Shed came along for the ride from naming to research, which we conducted in Jersey,  Manchester and London. On to the brand, we made a flowing key icon 'F' that simply generated energetic movement of things in a new methodology. Vibrancy, excitement and optimism shine in this brand. 

This represents one of many start-up and scale-up businesses, especially in the tech space that Potting Shed are thriving on- we cannot wait to see where we take this business next.

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