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Culture Jersey

Design Culture. Brand Culture.

Clearly a head scratcher of a brief, but one we embraced. I mean what is culture? We spent a long time defining what it is with the help of some local and international research. 

It could be easy to over engineer the brand of ‘culture’ so we tried to be sensitive to that. The most vibrant elements of any culture is the creativity that defines it. Therefore, let it sing and let the brand be the conduit for the creative works. This is what inspired the philosophy of Culture Jersey brand. The shapes act as a window of celebration of Jersey’s incredibly rich and diverse creative and cultural talent and there in the brand is exaclty that.

Beyond the brand the other problem to be solved was designing and building a site that housed every conceivable cultural event in Jersey at all times, whilst developing a robust content management system behind scenes that not only allowed for updating by the client but other main cultural event spaces. So, we produced this:

We believe we have overcome some of the challenges of event websites whilst maintaining a sense of vibrancy for Jersey’s cultural goings on. 

If you have an event we urge you to use this platform and interact, plan your events and let’s celebrate Jersey’s Cultural talents and diversities. 

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