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Brasserie & Café Colmar

The newcomer to Jersey's culinary scene is inspired by the grand brasseries and great boulevard cafés of Paris. Serving the best local ingredients combined with classic French cuisine, Colmar is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner six days a week.

Designing with flexibility in mind, the brand uses multiple variants of the logo across a range of collateral. With a clean typographical version on the website, to a more ornate bordered style on the menus, and a reduced iconic iteration for windows. The harmonious collaboration of the brand's permutations gives the whole a visual richness.

With a desire to feel authentically French, the brand language uses elaborate repeating patterns and florid graphic elements. A rich, warm colour palette of burgundy and buff incorporated into vintage-style floral illustration provides a resulting style that evokes an unquestionably Parisian vibe that feels authentically established.

Combined with the beautifully crafted interior design and eclectic decoration, the Colmar Brasserie and Café makes clear its identity with a certain 'je ne sais quoi'.

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