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Club 51

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We believe in the power of intelligent creative thinking to fuel progress. In London-based Club Fifty One, a top-tier gym and fitness brand, we found a partner who shares our mindset. They knocked on our door for a complete makeover, spanning from logo design to visual language, advertising collateral and key messaging.

We started the project with a methodical approach to the rebrand, every element meticulously designed to encapsulate the essence of Club Fifty One. We established a striking brand, a vibrant colour palette, and a crisp type pairing – an ideal foundation for creating exceptionally eye-catching creative materials.

This set the stage for a long-term campaign focused on enhancing brand awareness, blending sharp, witty, and playful headlines with a bold, vibrant energy. Our most recent endeavour was the 'Fit for Purpose' summer campaign. Here, we injected a dose of dynamism and vitality into the brand narrative. The amalgamation of visually captivating imagery and precisely targeted messaging encapsulates Club Fifty One's unique ethos. It's a harmonious blend of aesthetics and strategy, resulting in a campaign that not only aligns seamlessly with their brand but also captivates their audience. 

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