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CA Duquemin

A Century in the Making

Potting Shed recently teamed up with C.A. Duquemin for a project a century in the making. We were tasked with creating a celebratory marque to honour their 100 years of business in the building industry, alongside updating the brand's website and digital presence.

The special edition logo we created is a big part of this project. It shows off C.A. Duquemin's rich history and their plans for the future. This symbol is not only recognition of their local experience and trusted expertise, but a promise that they are ready to take on the next 100 years of building excellence. Our digital work on their website and Social Media Toolkit provides the brand with up-to-date tools to connect with their audience.

The website encourages visitors dive into C.A. Duquemin’s portfolio of work and their history, blending trusted traditions with new ideas. The Social Media Toolkit helps them share their story widely, keeping their reputation as a top choice in construction. With these new solutions, C.A. Duquemin is set to build on their success for many years to come.

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