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NFT 20 - An animated collection

NFTs are so often a case of attributed value over quality of asset. In other words, you often see soaring values for fashionable crypto assets of questionable artistic quality. When the guys approached us about creating and curating a collection of NFTs for blockmole, we wanted to do a little bit more than some 50 x 50 pixel art static image with micro-changes from one to the next... We wanted to create something that had intrinsic creative value as an individual piece.

What you see here is the first of what will be a series of NFT collections to be released over the coming months. The only direction was to create a collection based around the idea that they could be objects that were somehow physically mined from the ground, like a rare mineral. All of the animations feature simple parametric shapes (in this case a torus) cropped from the same POV but animated, lit and textured in radically different ways. Each one is a small experiment into another technique to create a unique and highly collectable digital asset. 

It's always such a pleasure to work on a project with such a sense of freedom and play, allowing us the opportunity to learn through the process of creation - we can't wait to show you all the collections to come.

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