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Anova great brand

Workplace wellness has always been a minefield of subjective thought. How can you really prove what makes a difference to your employees' mental health and how that in turn relates to the company's bottom line. Well Anova are a new company that have developed a corporate SaaS product for internal well-being data capture to help organisations spot and deal with such issues and help towards building a happier, healthier workforce.

Anova derives from the meaning "the analysis of variance" and their approach is very data driven and tech focused. The design is based around the idea of connectivity or “joining the dots”. The initial A is formed by a single line that hits the key points to make the shape with the line rising as if to form an upward trend or graph signalling positivity or growth. This sense of travel along a line of data is emphasised by the gradient colour that travels along it. The four “data points” can then be moved around to create a myriad of shapes or brand marques. The hue of the gradient could also evolve and change according to context or define different sections within the platform. Go check them out

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