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Alex Picot Trust

A Question of Trust

Alex Picot Trust, in various forms, has been providing services to their clients for over 100 years. They are an independent Jersey trust company providing a professional formation and management service for offshore family trusts, offshore companies, and other special purpose vehicles.

It's not always easy for a company with so much heritage to open themselves up for a rebrand - but the folks at APT were not only open, but also incredibly progressive in their approach. From the initial identity process where they undeniably plumped for the most progressive logo option, to the 3D visuals that focused on their clarity and transparency.

The brand’s simple geometric forms use the negative space to create the AP of the logo icon. There is a sense of discovery and the idea of seeing things in different way. Confident and dynamic, this brand conveys a sense of reliability balanced with a sense of progression.

This is an identity that puts the message first and then places the brand at the heart of that message. A simple concept with a highly crafted execution that speaks to APT's excellence.

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