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Transformation Secured

Designed right. Built right. Delivered right. That's the 6point6 motto for their cloud, data and cyber technologies, and it resonates with our own 'We grow ideas'.

At Potting Shed we believe that every project, no matter its scale, is an opportunity to create something truly impressive. While massive rebranding projects are undeniably exciting, we take just as much pride in the smaller jobs that come our way. 

Why? Because it's in those seemingly modest tasks that we get to demonstrate the immense power of creativity and innovation. Having free rein to Create is awesome, but having to find an exceptional solution within existing guidelines and practices sets an extra challenge - and we love a challenge. 

We understand that even the subtlest improvements can have a profound impact, and that's why we approach each assignment with enthusiasm and dedication.

Our team thrives on the challenge of making our clients shine, whether it's a minor design tweak or a complete brand overhaul. We know that every detail counts, and we love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from helping our clients look their absolute best. 

6point6 now have a social media toolkit for continued brand consistency across a range of categories, alongside tailored icons, video top and tails and print collateral brings their existing visual language to life and helps them continue their brand journey.

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