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Visual Education

The shape of creativity

Visual Education is a comprehensive online training platform for visual artists. Designed for all creatives, VE has a vast amount of useful information and instruction - from videos to live streaming classes. Designing a brand for highly visual clients with a highly visual clientele, however, is always a challenge; especially one that must encapsulate the creative industry as a whole.

The world of digital media has changed significantly over the last decade. Gone are the days of being ‘just’ a photographer. To really thrive, the visual artists of today – and tomorrow – need expertise and experience in all aspects of visual media, including video, CGI, post-production, and more. So we needed to create a brand that expressed this complex variety.

The solution to this identity was to reduce the marque to the very building blocks of creativity - where we start on our creative journeys as children; square, circle, triangle. Using these forms we defined the initials VE with satellite shapes that can be repositioned around the main form to create variety and a sense of play. These strong primary shapes could be used to contain imagery and pattern to give the brand scope and diversity.

Colour was also a key driver, not only to define areas of the site, but also to illustrate the limitless variety of content available. So rather than limit the palette to a few key colours, we created a series of vibrant gradient swatches to be used in both the shapes and the backgrounds.

When it came to the application of the brand, it was over to the guys at Visual Education who coded and put together the site themselves, but it was a pleasure to create the building blocks of their brand. We look forward to seeing how they play with them in the future!

If you are a creative who is itching to expand your knowledge and ready learn from the very best – look no further than

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