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Stryke Fit

Fit for purpose

Stryke Fit is an Australian running brand designed and engineered to enable women to pursue the best versions of themselves through premium activewear. The founders of Stryke Fit have a long history in the sports and fashion industry working with leading international action sportswear brands such as Billabong, Element, and Fila. 

With the focus on runners' needs, Stryke Fit combines elements of high-performance technical fabrics, functional engineering, and innovative styling to further enhance the performance and motivation of the athlete. Fusing performance apparel with fashion, our product is perfect not only for running but everyday wear.

The brand was designed to be flexible with both a thin landscape version and a narrow stack-able version to work with swing tags, garment labels, water bottles and other brand applications. A simple typographic solution that is both highly legible but also dynamic and contemporary to match the ethos of the brand. We predict big things for this amazing brand so stay tuned to their insta feed and visit to check out their product line.

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