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Raw Design Collective

Collective identity

Being asked to design a brand for a creative agency is a double-edged sword... On the one hand it is hugely flattering and you are working with people who understand the nuances of creativity and design; on the other hand you are working for a highly critical client who has some pretty strong opinions on your creative output.

Raw Design is a fledgling design collective based in the Caribbean, with a supporting cast of creatives scattered around the globe - this gave us the key to unlock the brand puzzle. This is a brand that’s all about connecting: connecting nodes, connecting creatives, connecting ideas and making sure that all the elements are aligned to create and communicate.

The base grid of nine shapes or nodes forms a plus symbol that refers not only to the added value and positivity of Raw, but also to the idea of the compass and the designers who are scattered all around the world. When aligned in its base state, the nodes all connect to reveal the initial letter R via the negative space. Each node, however, can also rotate independently to create an array of shapes within the grid, which lends the identity a sense of play and highlights the diversity within the collective. 

A playful, engaging and intelligent solution for a progressive and talented group of creatives.

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