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Particle theory

We live in a world of information chaos. Bombarded by data, many of us fumble around trying to find the knowledge we need to make the best decisions we possibly can, especially when it comes to investment. Navigating today’s fast changing financial world demands agility and independent thinking. That's where Enhance comes in.

Working in the fintech space, Enhance optimise investment performance by providing institutional discipline to private capital. They were already a pretty sharp looking outfit when they came to us for help visualising the slightly abstracted concept of their various offerings and they worked closely with us to refine their messaging. 

The idea of a myriad of data points and paths being channelled and guided by the Enhance brand brought us to the use of particle systems within a three dimensional space. We had been keen to explore a piece of software within C4D called X-Particles more closely and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. A relatively complex plug-in, it allows you to guide and orchestrate literally hundreds of thousands of individual particles in almost any way conceivable. We have barely brushed the surface and look forward to pushing the boundaries of this further in future projects.

The resulting animations and supporting visuals were then employed in the website redesign and over the coming months, will be rolled out into reports and offline media. Vibrant, dynamic and intelligent: Enhance.

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