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Location, location, location

Be honest - can you remember exactly where you were on any given day last year, let alone exactly what you were doing? Now for most of us, unless it happens to be your partner's birthday that you have forgotten, the consequence of that ignorance isn’t usually too severe. Tracking your movements accurately, however, becomes far more important for high net-worth individuals (HNWIs) when the tax man comes calling.

Daysium elegantly resolves the risks and complexities of day counting and record keeping for globally mobile HNWIs. Their advanced technology creates a body of digital evidence that protects individuals with complex tax situations from the turmoil of prolonged tax enquiries. Using their app and online services you can establish the rules that affect you, plan upcoming schedules to maximise travel opportunities, and then log trips with evidentiary data that stands up to scrutiny.

With all of this in mind, we created a strong, highly contemporary design that is confident and clear and speaks to ideas of precision and accuracy. The brand icon is a bold uppercase initial D formed by seven upright lines and one crossing through them to represent the marking of the seven days of the week (as well as the number of letters in the brand name). The weight and line breaks of this are echoed in the logotype which is clear crisp and ultra-legible at all sizes from mobile to billboard. 

This is an identity, along with the supporting brand patterns, that lends itself to a digital environment perfectly both with the UI and animation - as is illustrated by the accompanying Social Media Toolkit.

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