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CS Associates

Get ready to build

The build process is hard enough but before a spade even goes in the ground you are going to need a company like CS Associates. They specialise in assistance with applications, planning and by-law, project management, health & safety advice/support - the complete service, from concept to construction. An honest, personable, trustworthy business where there’s a strong focus on the clients needs.

They came to us for a brand that was  crisp, clean and professional yet approachable. This brand solution seamlessly integrates the key initials within the name into a single recognisable marque. This is then clearly and legibly supported by the full logotype which mirrors the icon with a single continuous line weight. The gradient transition highlights the two letters within the marque and hints at a sense of warmth and fluidity. There is also a sense of architectural structure to the marque that speaks to the ideas of property services. This is a crisp, clean, professional yet approachable brand that has a clear sense of intelligence and stability.

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