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Clairo designs closed-loop AI models. They are revolutionising the AI assistant landscape by creating bespoke systems that operate securely within your company's environment. Rather than drawing from unsecured public data or potentially sending sensitive data across the internet, Clairo sources relevant information from a database or external knowledge sources, which is then integrated by the AI to enhance the generation of accurate and contextually informed responses or content.

The design focuses on the idea of the closed loop. The initial C is formed by a continuous overlapping line that draws the eye along it. This form is created by ten anchor points with subsequent B├ęzier curves. The extended concept of this brand is that the icon can shift and morph into a myriad of forms to illustrate context (as you can see in the brand animation), but these forms are always created by realigning the same 10 points and using the same line weight. This is a hugely flexible brand that reflects the idea of using a variety of data sets in closed loops to create an individual and highly tailored response. Playful, dynamic, progressive and secure.

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