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Power to the People

Feeling powerless? Agitated? No need for any of that. Agitate is giving power back to the people - with frictionless online transactions.

As online payments move to internet-native solutions, Agitate is stepping in to enable a world of in-browser, digital wallets that negate the need for signups, verifications, and payment detail inputting for purchases. Creating seamless and instant transactions for all parties that are non-repudiable and private.

Visualising this capability in the brand, creative and animation has led to designs that represent the freedom of movement. To agitate is to disrupt; to shift something's position intentionally. Similarly, the product is all about the user's ability to push information in any given direction. 

The brand marque reveals this concept with two large arrows pushing out in opposing directions. This movement results in more arrows appearing on the vertical plane, created from the negative space. By housing these arrows in a square, the arrows on the diagonal axes come into existence. The angular icon is offset by open and clear typographic forms in a lowercase logotype that serves to soften the brand and make it feel approachable, rather than aggressive. A logo that is simultaneously forceful, agile, flexible, and simple.

Our StyleScapes and Hero campaigns take an unapologetic visual direction that demands a user's full attention from the word go. Signifying that Agitate is different from everyone else around them with slight rebellion, the designs benefit from being incredibly clear with bold typography and simple graphics, making complicated ideas easy to understand for potential users and investors who need to know what Agitate does without always needing to know the minutiae of how

The animation began with honing a script in the same vein. Clear and concise, with relatable motion design, the viewer is walked through the problem Agitate is solving, and the logistical impact it has in simplifying the viewer's payments and processes.

The outcome is a playful brand with lots of scope for future campaigns in various forms as the technology progresses to the mainstream market place. We're ready to follow this brand in any direction.

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