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A lovely bunch

Robus is a thriving twenty-five member,  tri-jurisdictional, independent insurance management, fiduciary and financial advisory group. The Robus team approached us looking for a new brand, creative and digital solution to redefine the look and feel of their organisation.

The execution of Robus' new creative direction has two distinct feels, bright and quirky for advertising, promotion, and communications and sleek black-on-black for one to one client engagements.

“We believe that by gaining a deep understanding of our client’s business we can support them; allowing them to prosper and grow. We believe that a deep understanding of our client’s business is achieved through collaboration and trust. We believe that our independence and innovative attitude are key to converting ‘clients’ into ‘partners’.”

Robus statement of belief was key in directing us to their visual language and campaign identity. Understand Partnerships, Support Innovation and Deliver Sucess create a narrative that starts with relationships and ends in results through collaboration and trust. The colour palette and subject matter reinforce these messages by highlighting an appetite for discovery, creativity, and dialogue.

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