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OSA Recruitment

Good Work!

Long-term client OSA Recruitment came to us in need of a new campaign and a refocusing of their core messaging.

Candidates aren’t just looking for a job, they want the purpose, fulfilment and progression that the “right” job can give them. Likewise, clients advertising roles are looking for quality too, they need a considered approach to find the “right” person.

OSA play for both teams. They are matchmakers and relationship builders, a two-headed pooch chasing a single ball. OSA know a good fit when they see it and understand that a quick fix isn’t effective for either party in the long run.

So how do we say two things at once?

Good Work. This is what OSA are all about, finding the best possible work for candidates and providing praise-worthy service for corporate clients.

Once we devised the line “Good Work” we took hold of it like a weapon and masterminded fun and engaging way’s to hit people over the head with it, including but not limited too: decorated cakes, helium balloons, Cat’s in knitwear and Carnival lights.

OSA’s contracting arm named The Temp Desk also had a makeover, a more casual tone of voice pair with demographic specific word-play and a #jobspiration hashtag to boot.

Video, sound design, animation, 3d, typography, print, digital, you name it this project has it. A job well done and a happy client with a cost-effective solution that can drive their marketing comms for the foreseeable future.

“Good Work” all round.    

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