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PF+A Architecture


Tasked to give prospective clients a feel for the experience of working with PF+A, whilst showcasing their beautiful results, we are proud to have the new website design and development feature on Communication Arts webpicks this week. A real testament to PF+A's business model, our teams graft and a great relationship.

We designed a site that is different for every user and every visit, anything that can load in a random order or selection is doing so, a great indication of PF+A's consistent body of work.

We were also influenced by PF+As use of raw materials in their work and wanted to reference that digitally, the grid lines are exposed and the site is nearly exclusively comprised of white space, images and text (with a dash of brand orange of course). The finishing touch is a suite of simple lines and shapes that populate and scroll randomly, sometimes they align to other elements perfectly and at other times it can feel subtly chaotic. It’s little ideas like this that we hope make a users returning visits to the site as engaging as their first.

The challenge of all these variants was as interesting as it was difficult to work with, you have to hold back the desire to control the minutia of every element on the page. The brief was based around creating a site that “felt” like PF+A and I believe that we’ve created a framework that will evolve organically as they add content and grow as a business, maintaining a greater length of client satisfaction.

The navigation is all about simplicity, anything that doesn’t offer value to the user has been removed. There’s only 5 top level pages, there is no contact page (users are just pushed to the footer), staff do not have individual pages, portfolio & news grids are displayed on single pages and many hover interactions are triggered by scrolling when on a mobile device to create are more harmonious cross device experience. 

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