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Engineering a brand

BCL is one of Jersey's top civil engineers responsible for shaping much of the Channel Islands' infrastructure. With strong eco credentials they came to us looking for a brand to position them as an approachable, no-nonsense company who genuinely cares about the environmental impact of their work.

Owner Simon Boarder has over 30 years of experience in Civil Engineering and significant knowledge and experience of the local industry, geology and working practices of island life.

Our goal was to create a legible, coherent and recognisable logo marque that can stand alone as an identifiable symbol. As civil engineers, the marque needs to feel established and reassuring, so the logo we have created has an almost structural look to it as if the lines were walls seen in plan. By nesting all three initials within the same icon the identity suggests precision, strength and intelligence. The colour palette is organic and softens the pre-existing colour palette that represented water and soil (further reinforced by the tertiary colour). The other benefit of this design is that it can be amended to create a secondary brand for BCL's sister company, Boarder Environment Limited.

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