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A well crafted yield

What’s so special about 6%? Much like this well crafted IPA, Polygon Collective’s bond offers a 6% yield; a result of careful selection, meticulous analysis combined with committed care and attention.

Polygon Collective is an independent, family-owned investment company that manages a diverse portfolio providing support and unique investments to businesses, sophisticated investors, and high-net-worth individuals.

As a means of promoting the success of their 6% bond despite these turbulent times, Polygon commissioned Potting Shed to design a beer label in conjunction with Little Big Brew Co.

While LBBC set to work brewing a tasty six percenter, we developed a design that would reflect Polygon's message. The key 6% graphic takes on the form of a data-driven model. The interconnected circles mirror the varying sizes and scales of the bonds within the fund, as well as the statistical efforts Polygon take to succeed in the fund's growth.

Splashes of Polygon's colours pop off the black background with the graphic theme subtly continued around the label, alluding to refreshing beer bubbles.

With the line "a well crafted yield" completing the visual message and more thorough reiteration on the reverse, this beer will appear in Polygon's offices and corporate events as a tasty conversation starter.

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