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Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management

Gin up!

21 Blend is a concept based around Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management's (CGWM) 21 years of experience and expertise in portfolio management and stockbroking in the Crown Dependencies. CGWM’s knowledge and ability in their field is not dissimilar to that of an artisan craftsman; bespoke, distinctive and of an exceptionally high quality.

In this case the craftsman in question is gin maker Luke Wheadon, who collaboratively produced and distilled a bespoke blend of gin especially for CGWM: 21 Blend.

Guests were sent an invitation to an event in the form of a branded bottle opener and botanicals teasers, waiting to accompany their Gin on the evening of their 21 Blend tasting Event at The Bella Luce.

Clients were catered for and entertained at an event where Luke discussed his craft and the creation of 21 Blend, inviting guests to taste and compare the various botanicals used in the distillation process.

Upon leaving guests were presented with a bottle of 21 Blend to take home alongside a tasting notes booklet that speaks of both the craft of the blend but more specifically about CGWM's 21 year journey and how it has led to the crafting of their comprehensive service offering.

The campaign provides several points of contact and dialogue with its target audience: an intriguing and personal invitation in the form of a box set of 21 Blend Gin, a conversational gin tasting event, and a beautifully printed book where the CGWM’s 21 year experience is fully celebrated alongside their perfect blend of services.

Design highlights include bespoke illustration, double foil blocked labels, coloured wax seals, fired wood engraved presentation boxes, laser etched bottle opener and of course a beautiful tasting Gin produced in collaboration with CGWM and Wheadon’s Gin.

A thoroughly personal project with an exceptional client involved every step of the way.

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