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Little Big Brew Co


The gluttony of Christmas is over... So, as we brace ourselves for a month or two of soul-sapping austerity and sobriety, why not add a little flavour into your humdrum existence - rather than consuming the usual metallic-tasting crap rubbish that masquerades a low-alcohol beer...

Alfie is the latest in the Little Big Brew Co. family. Needless to say it had to sit comfortably within the aesthetic of the rest of the stable, but as Alfie is a low-alcohol option at only 0.5% Vol., we needed to distinguish it as a little different from alcoholic siblings Alan, Betty and Nigel. To keep the family bond strong, we used the same style of bold patterning and typography, and a simple shift away from a white label to a vivid yellow one did the job. Next time you're out, give Alfie a try. This may sound like an oxymoron, but it really is an incredibly good low-alcohol beer.

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