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You'll Never Take Our Freedom

The Potting Shed has some pedigree when it comes to designing for the surfing industry.

Apart from designing the World Pro Surfers brand and Website Potting Shed Creative Director Al designed one of the world's top surf magazines for nearly half a decade (Australia Surfing Life) as well as designing the brand for the ASP, the world governing body of surfing.

So when Pete Norman from Freedom Surf Shop charged us with the task of designing a new identity for the now independent Guernsey arm of the iconic channel Island brand we leapt at the chance.

Freedom is an surf shop with years of history in the sport which welcomes surfers and non-surfers alike and with it's retro feel the new brand is firmly rooted in the heritage of surfing (see Morning of the Earth etc).

There's loads more stuff to come, including a redesign of the front of the building and van livery but the first thing off the production line were the bags for the store.

Author Potting Shed