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Work Experience Week

We often take individual students in for a week of work experience to help broaden their scope of real world experience and help guide their career path interests.

This year The Potting Shed teamed up with Guernsey College of Further Education and Digital Greenhouse to go one step further and provide a whole group of GCFE students with a week of support and experience using a real world brief.

The student's varying studies, interests and skills naturally forged a wide range of ideas and input as they split off into three teams, focussing on an angle collaboratively and divvying up the output accordingly.

Throughout the week we intermitantly offered advice and input on many of the aspects a real world scenario would entail, from idea generation and development to pitch presentation.

The students were invited to The Potting Shed for a presentation on various facets of the design industry and our staff members also visted Digital Greenhouse where the students were based to discuss and help refine their projects ready for pitch.

By the end of the week the three teams gave succesful presentations to all involved as we fed back our final thoughts on the results. With mascots, podcasts and virtual reality among the creative solutions it was a great opportunity for knowledge sharing and understanding of how broad the creative process can be.

Author Gareth Rowson