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Shed Sessions: Tabitha Lepp

Author: Luke Vidamour

We love new blood.

There's something about a new staff member that energises the whole studio. Maybe it's the blissful ignorance to "how we do things around here", which challenges us to be flexible and ask questions of our own processes. Maybe it's fresh ideas and stories that inspire our creativity and help shape our culture for a new season... it's nearly always an excuse for a work social.

Without further ado, we present an insightful and existential conversation with the newest lamb in our flock, Tabitha Lepp.

So Tabs, welcome to The Shed. Let’s start with a bit about you, shall we? Who are you? What makes you tick? What have you been doing for the past couple of years before entering the working world?

I'm fresh out of university as I graduated in July 2019. I studied Psychology at the University of Edinburgh and what makes me tick is understanding how other people tick! I was lucky enough to do a year abroad in Australia and while I was there, they offered me an Applied Psychology module which allows you to explore how psychology can be used in different workplaces. This triggered my interest in Consumer Psychology as I was fascinated by how it impacts our perceptions of brands, advertising and how it even has the power to induce strong loyalties in people.

Other than that, I am a HUGE musical theatre enthusiast and a massive show off so you can often hear me singing away in the studio, driving everyone else nuts. I’m currently involved in GADOC’s upcoming musical, Annie, which is keeping me very busy outside of work!

And you spent some time on our work experience programme, what was that like?

So when I got back from Australia, Potting Shed were kind enough to let me explore this interest in consumer psychology further and I did some work experience with them where I focused on the 30 Bays in 30 Days project. It was a really rewarding and engaging opportunity to be able to apply what I had learnt at university by recommending positive marketing strategies for such a good cause, like 30 Bays in 30 Days. Potting Shed even offered me the the opportunity to present my ideas to the client and by then I was hooked!

Well, it must have gone pretty well. So now that you’re a full time Shed Head, how are you finding it? What does an average day look like and what are you learning?

So far, so good! I love working at the Shed - it’s very motivating to be working with such a talented and ambitious team, I feel very lucky! The team have been so welcoming to me and that helped me settle into my role quickly.

Leaving university is always daunting as the world expects you to know what you want to do immediately. In my case, I knew I wanted to explore how I could use Consumer Psychology in my job but I was unsure of what this would look like. What is great about my role at the Shed is its variation - I’m currently responsible for project management, digital marketing and business support.

An average day for me involves meeting with clients to discuss ongoing projects or pitching an idea to grow their business; brainstorming ideas with clients and then briefing the creative studio with our next exciting project; managing the digital team; improving my digital knowledge; working on marketing strategies for clients; exploring different digital marketing avenues for our clients and being on hand to support our creative team at all times!

Similarly to how we help our clients to grow, the Shed is offering me opportunities to grow and challenge myself to shape my role so it is changing as the days go on!

What do your dreams and aspirations for the next year look like both inside and outside of the studio?

Inside the studio, I would really like to improve my digital knowledge of coding so that I can understand our website building process better. Working with the digital team is great and I have already learnt so much in my brief time here and I just want to keep adding to that. I always enjoy working alongside our clients so I would like to think that I can foster more new relationships in the next year. I also want to make sure I am always challenging myself and being someone that the team can depend on.

Outside the studio, I want to get involved in more performance opportunities, whether that be a band, choir, theatre. Rumour has it, a Potting Shed band may be forming soon…! Hey G?

In your eyes, how can creativity change the world for the better?

Creativity is how we express ourselves, whether it’s through art, music, theatre - you name it! Everyone has an imagination and by embracing it, we open up an avenue for people to connect and discuss different ideas. We can learn from each other and use this creativity to inspire others.

Do you have any advice for others looking to start a career in the creative industry?

Go and approach companies that you admire and ask for work experience. It’s an amazing way to throw yourself out of your comfort zone and really find out if this is a career you would like. Work hard and build up examples that show off your skills. Although I’m not a creative designer myself, I still wanted to work in the creative industry and I found where I fit in through asking for work experience.

If you’re passionate about something, chase it!

Lastly, if you could only listen to only one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Eesh - the most difficult question out of the lot! If I auto-play the Hamilton soundtrack does that count? It’s all just one long song really ;)

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Author Luke Vidamour