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Getting Wasted

China Waste is one of the World's largest providers of waste solutions for hazardous waste. Its vision is to provide world-class environmental solutions to reduce environmental pollution from the treatment and disposal of hazardous waste in China and they collaborate with leading international universities, academies, government and industry participants to focus on treating the cause of environmental pollution rather than the symptom.

We were asked to create a brand for them that established them as both a world and market leader.

Dealing with such a sensitive subject and a myriad of Eastern cultural values this brand was the result of an awful lot of research into form, colour and symbology. The result, a soaring phoenix in red and gold symbolising virtue, duty humanity, reliability and resilience in Eastern philosophy is the perfect marque for this strong and dynamic company working in a challenging field.

We continue to roll out their brand language through animation, online, and print and look forward to showing you more as it comes out.

Author Potting Shed