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Up, Up and Away

Having a blank canvas with new brand projects is always a challenge we welcome and Launchpad was exactly this.

Fundamental to this brief was conveying the sense of aspiration and positivity and the paper planes certainly realised this objective given their business.

Launchpad is a new company, dreamt up by John Stares in the middle of the night. The aim of project is to manage charity and community-driven projects, creating new cultural and conservation initiatives, and building collaborative partnerships with those who share our work and life philosophy.

To strapline or not to strapline that is the question...we are very vigilant of over explaining brands with a strapline...a brand's creative treatment should generally be strong enough to convey it's purpose but every now and again a business comes along that really demands one.

Launchpad fit into this group so we developed '' and built it integrally into the brand. This married the ambitious message of the brand and gave us some great creative elements to translate the brand into other work.

Author Potting Shed