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The Great TPS Poster Project

Client work is always first and foremost for us, but as creatives we always need to keep growing and expanding. That process of discovery and creation is fundamental to keeping us engaged and on our toes creatively and as such we are always tinkering with our own personal projects to keep the juices flowing. The Great TPS Poster Project is one such internal initiative that we have set all our creatives, the brief is incredible simple:

Design an 'A' proportioned portrait poster (A1/A2/A3 etc.) expressing the phrase "We grow ideas". The medium can be anything at all, painting, 3D software, photography, illustration... it really doesn't matter as long as by creating it you are pushing yourself to learn new techniques and create visually engaging images. Out of this as a studio we will acquire skills and techniques that we can then bring to our commercial work as well as pushing our boundaries.

This is a rolling project that we will keep going for at least 18 months, at the end of which we'll put on a little exhibition for our clients and friends. In the meantime we'll post some of what we create for you all to take a look at. Here's the first few off the rank.

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