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The Forgotten Ones

For every brand or project that makes it to market at least three or four go to that great designers wastepaper basket in the sky.

Creating multiple options for clients to choose from or, on occasion, for pitch is all part of the process of creating identities. There are all sorts of reasons why one brand hits the sweet spot and another fails to make the grade, some fundamental and others arbitrary but without their failed cousins the final brands would never be reached, or at the very least they would be far less considered.

It's all part of the editing process for both client and designer. So much of the work we do, that all design studios do, never sees the light of day and this blog is just a little way to address this issue and give a few of these fallen icons a moment in the sun, albeit on our humble little blog.

It's not a case of bitterly showing the stuff we wish was had been chosen, it's simply a load of work that deserves better than be relagated to a lonely file in the dim and distant recesses of our server never to see the light of day.

Of course this is just a fraction of the work that never made it ... but it's a start, we hope you find them interesting.

Author Potting Shed