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Run of the Mill

We recently won a competition through our most popular printer Dayfold, on behalf of the paper giants GF Smith.

Regular orders of any papers from the GF Smith range qualified you into a draw, and The Potting Shed along with 7 other design agencies were lucky enough to be picked from the hat.

We set off from Euston last thursday morning up to the Lake District. First stop was the James Cropper paper mill which produces 90% of GF Smith's paper range. We were taken round the 46 acre plot on a tour to see how paper was made. The machinery, man power and true northern spirit to create quite a simple yet significant and profound result was incredibly humbling. We send off our artwork to printers and receive the finished product, whether business cards, brochures or event invites without due consideration to the processes involved in the paper making.

The other quite intriguing aspect of the tour was that for all the procedures, paper (with regards to GF Smith) is still simply wood and water, I expected a plethora of chemicals and toxins to be added to create finishes and effects.

GF Smith and Dayfold also treated us all to a night in the beautiful lake-side hotel and spa, Old Macdonald. A stunning boat trip on Lake Windermere rounded off a super relaxing and educational trip. Many thanks to GF Smith and Dayfold.

Author Potting Shed