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Potting Shed Heroes: Robert Brownjohn

Although he died at 44 and left a relatively small portfolio, he has acquired cult status for his remarkable ideas.

A protege of Bauhaus legend Laszlo Maholy-Nagy, he was educated at The Institute of Design in Chicago and swiftly carved himself a reputation as one of the most talented, if not the easiest creatives in New York.

His Death in 1970 deprived graphic design of one of it's most brilliant and original minds. He is most famous for his work on the film titles for Goldfinger and From Russia With Love but his body of work in a relatively short career is breathtaking.

There is something timeless about Brownjohn's work, style was irrelevant, the message was everything. A message no doubt handed down from his Bauhaus roots. The work is incisively witty and almost effortlessly cool, just like the man himself, who became emersed in the "hip" scene on both side of the Atlantic, relocating to London and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Miles Davis, Michael Caine and The Rolling Stones.

Anyway here is some of the great man's work, he may have been a difficult chap but boy could be deliver a message.

Author Potting Shed