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Online & On Brand

We are proud to announce the launch of Cenkos' new website.

The launch ties into a photographic campaign, which will be rolled out through various communication avenues including adverts, banners and invites. With a thematic approach to investing, married with a research philosophy that goes beyond the surface information, we devised the series of visuals that represent the idea that Cenkos 'see potential' where others may not.

Each rather simple image is grounded with a flooded repeat illustration that represents the potential of the afore mentioned image, therefore highlighting the future growth.

The website extends this philosophy whilst incorporating all the facts and figures in easily accessible one click navigation. With so much statistical information we had to ensure that the aesthetic experience did not hinder the function and transparency of information, whilst giving the user an interesting functional journey through the site.

Well done again to Indulge Media for coding this and thank you to Cenkos for running with this project.

Author Potting Shed