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Dublin not only produces 10 million pints of Guinness a day, but is also home to one of the most inspirational and creative conferences - OFFSET.

This event sees over 2,500 people converge from all over the world and with past talks given by artists from Sir Peter Blake to Massimo Vignelli, OFFSET really is the place to be to get those creative juices flowing. For a change in scene the team decided to rent a barge, yes one like Rosie and Jim, and jig on down for yet another year of OFFSET.

Spread over 3 days, the conference brings together a vast range of creatives from the fields of Graphic Design, Photography, Animation, Illustration, Fashion, Film, Industrial Design and Art. Not only does it cover every inch of design it also represents the industry at all levels and each speaker is an influencer and creator of awe-inspiring work.

On day one we had the Irish-American photographer and artist, B+. His talk invited you into his life in LA, where in the 90’s he was influenced by Hip Hop and started making album covers for top musicians such as Mos Def, Eazy E and Damian Marley.

Ivan Cash gave an excellent presentation with his award-winning interactive art that focuses on engaging culture and celebrates human connection with a touch of gorilla marketing.

Saturday began with the prolific works of children's book writer and illustrator Beatrice Alemagna. The kind of talent that makes every illustrator inspired to publish.

The highlight was insight into the work of Gail Bichler, the design director of [The New York Times Magazine](Gail Bichler). Slide after slide she presented us with front covers that she had created with her small team over the last 3 years. From controversial to engaging and humorous, last minute to planned a year in advanced covers, with 52 magazines a year Gail's portfolio was extensive to say the least.

After a full day of listening to talks, consuming litres of coffee and sitting in bum numbing chairs, the TPS crew were invited to chill out in Dublin's Facebook HQ, where they munched on a few burgers and mingled with the speakers from the weekend.

Talks kicked off on Sunday at 11 with Ustwo Games. A mobile games studio that create interactive entertainment full of elegance and fantasy. They talked about their new game, Monument Valley Two, with a strong focus and message on motherhood. The levels they've created take you on a metaphoric journey and with their exceptional use of colour, texture and simplicity, create emotions that resonate with everyone.

So if OFFSET really tickles your fancy then why not book yourself in next year?

We’ll probably see you there!

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