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No, Milkman's Wallet is Not a Euphemism

The Milkman's wallet is so called because it was traditionally used by UK milkmen to collect payment and hold paperwork.

It is also sometimes referred to as a magic wallet, which we think is probably a better name as how it works is utterly baffling ... quite possibly the work of the devil. This however was the solution we came up with for the brief we were given for the Guernsey Mint. The Mint has two trading arms, Guernsey Mint Bullion and Guernsey Mint Refined, precious metal and commodity investments.

Guernsey Mint needed a dynamic way to showcase both businesses seperately but simultaneously. For a small brochure this one has been a long time in the making and showcases this incredible company in the light it deserves to be. As well as the usual shots of spreads we've included a little animation to explain how this thing works, it still confuses the hell out of me!

Author Potting Shed