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New Threads: a morning in Meta's new Twitter killer

Making a triumphant debut in the bustling social media arena, Meta's Threads app rocketed to the top of the app store within its opening hours. In an impressive display of demand, it registered 10 million sign-ups in just 7 hours, carving out a niche for itself as the potential Twitter killer. Offering an escape from the ever-evolving landscape of Elon's Twitter app, Threads presents a more stable, captivating alternative.

After immersing myself in this new platform for the morning, here are my initial insights into the first threads of Meta's Twitter challenger: 

Brains vs beauty

Instagram is the app we enjoy looking at, Twitter is the app we read. Threads draws its user base from Instagram, automatically suggesting you follow the same accounts. This instantly weaves a social fabric that is notably different from Twitter's. Instagram - a platform of friends, acquaintances, and appealing visuals - may not foster the conversation and debate that Twitter, with its cloak of relative anonymity, encourages. You may not be interested in the opinions or advice of your favourite visual creators; will people make the effort to edit their follow lists to account for this?

Ads in a zen space

Threads' user interface is minimalistic - a blank canvas reminiscent of Medium or other blogging platforms, where content reigns supreme. However, as advertisements inevitably invade this space, one wonders how these commercial threads will alter the tranquillity of Threads' stripped-back design.

Good vibes... While they last

The initial social fabric of Threads radiates positivity, mirroring Instagram's familiar weave of friendly interactions with people you like or know. Yet, could this fabric fray over time, transforming into a tangled web of schoolyard politics or a fractious family Christmas? When Myspace's social dynamics became too overbearing, we welcomed the exit. Could Threads be headed down the same road?

The business angle

Much like the early stages of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, Threads may not initially appear business friendly. These platforms have, however, evolved into profitable marketing channels over time. For businesses and storytellers who've thrived on these platforms, Threads could provide a new space to tell stories. Conversely, influencers relying on aspirational images with unrelated captions might need to rethink their strategies. 

As Threads throws its hat into the social media ring, its future remains uncertain. With the backing of Instagram's 2.5 billion users, its initial chapters are likely to be successful. However, if Threads cannot provide a fulfilling balance of intellectual and aesthetic content, it may end up as another subplot within the larger Instagram narrative, much like stories and reels.

Author Luke Vidamour