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Moroccan Roll Out

Another brand we are incredibly proud of - Moroccan Minerals. It’s still in it’s early days but we have helped Fabian get their team colours off the ground. Moroccan Minerals is a mineral deposit exploration and mining company based out in Morocco.

MM takes a very clean and ethically sound approach to it’s undertakings, including local companies and an environmentally sound disposition.

The brief was to reflect the Moroccan culture, tone and anthropology whilst appearing as a professional investment firm that undertakes it’s business in a positive manner. Helvetica Neue felt like right anchoring as a balance to the repeat ethnic pattern icon.

We built the icon on the basic structure of an M, which to the eye is largely unnoticeable but it gave us a starting point for iconography and future translation. Given the company is researching deposits in mountains of Morocco the M’s will play a nice role in that metaphor.

Author Potting Shed