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Max Potential!

Max Burrows joined us for 2 weeks as a part of his University placement and it was great to have him in the studio. From day one, he showed enthusiasm and a willingness to try new things, opening several applications for the first time and getting the hang of them within just a few hours.

When tackling our 30 Bays in 30 Days website brief, Max was able to adopt a variety of different skills quickly, even leading him to venture "downstairs" and ask for some tips from the digital department on how he might go about coding this website... and armed with these tips, he went ahead and coded his own website! We were beyond impressed that Max was able to go from basic wireframes to a hand-coded responsive site in just 10 days with very little previous experience.

We were also encouraged by Max's positive approach to constructive criticism. He was able to be objective about his work and implement useful feedback and advice along the way, each iteration being stronger than the previous.

Max has some very desirable skills and we're sure that he will have a great career in the creative industry, but above everything, we were most impressed by his hunger to learn and great attitude. You're welcome back anytime, Max!

You can view his live website prototype here.

Author Luke Vidamour