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Just keep moving

It may seem a little self serving and repetitive posting an article about the brand animations we have done for the top of the homepage for the very site this post is on (a different one appears every time you reload the TPS site) but it occured to us that if we didn't do so then no one in social-media-world would have a chance to see these mini-movies unless they actually landed on our site. So please forgive the repetition / self indulgence, but a lot of blood sweat and tears went into these things.

Much as we did with our We Grow Ideas posters apart from two guidelines (in this case the TPS logo always has to be at the heart of whatever gets designed and it must be in a 1080P format), anything goes, it is a space not simply for us to show off how clever we are but to push ourselves and learn new techniques that we can take back into our work for clients. There will no doubt be many more to come but for now we hope you enjoy what's already on offer.

Author Al Mitchell