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How No.9: We Champion Clients

What makes Potting Shed tick? At the heart of this is our Why but for us to get to that we have to understand our How. How do we what we do and how it drives us?

How No: 9: We Champion Clients

We are lucky enough to work with gifted, dedicated and committed clients. They offer us insight into their business; our job is to tell the world. 

We would be nothing without our clients (you). No portfolio, no work, no money. It’s a very simple point but it explains why our clients are as much a part of our studio practice as we are. They are friends and peers, and so we love getting to know them. There is a big difference between customers and clients; customers are buying a product, but clients work alongside us because they trust our advice, expertise and ability. Together we solve your problems and come out the other side of a project in a meaningfully better place than where we first started. 

We are as proud of who we work with as the work we do - so when push comes to shove, we’re on the same side. 

We’re also lucky enough to pick and choose who we work with, so we have three criteria for clients which are as follows: they feed our soul, they make us famous or they make us money.

Author Al Mitchell