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How No.3: We Plan Ahead

What makes Potting Shed tick? At the heart of this is our Why but for us to get to that we have to understand our How. How do we what we do and how it drives us?

How No.3: We Plan Ahead

Nobody can predict the future, but through careful planning you can ensure that you are ready for the new challenges and opportunities that it will bring. The only thing that’s certain is that everything will change: standing still isn’t an option. We explore, adapt, and evolve in order to stay ahead.

Like all studios, we’ve “winged” it before (and we’ll do it again if we have to), but we also know that good ideas are worth very little without impeccable execution, that’s where planning comes in. Thankfully we have incredible Project Managers. These people-loving, plate-spinning, idea-extracting, vision-grasping, brief-delivering, super-communicators speak your language as well as ours. These guys are the super-glue of our studio, listening, working, and sometimes having difficult conversations with team members to drive the best results from the studio. They are always free for a cup of tea and a natter. 

PM’s aren’t the only one’s who need to plan - Creatives, Designers and Devs all work backwards from their end goals and deliverables to ensure they hit the mark repeatedly. In short, good preparation means that we achieve more results, at a higher quality, for less stress, time and energy - meaning we can focus more of our time on the work we really love to do. Sound good?

Author Al Mitchell