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How No.1: We Add Value

What makes Potting Shed tick? At the heart of this is our Why but for us to get to that we have to understand our How. How do we what we do and how it drives us?

How No.1: We Add Value

Whatever the task, big or small, we bring our experience and expertise to the project and strive to deliver the best possible solution. The only thing that’s certain is that everything will change: standing still isn’t an option. We explore, adapt, and evolve in order to stay ahead.

As a creative studio, we’re in a unique position. We have insight into hundreds of businesses - from start-ups to florists, and first ventures to big global corporations. As a result we’ve seen businesses rise, fall, plateau, crash but mainly succeed! Working alongside those owners and representatives gives us unique business experience and insight. All mixed together with our secret weapon; perspective. We haven’t been beaten up by corporate systems, or directed by “the way things have always been done” in any particular industry. We can offer real life, killer advice from a totally different angle, and our clients listen! This helps us add value to clients by offering our opinion as well as our expertise. People regularly come to us wanting to buy a certain product, and leave with a better business.

Author Al Mitchell