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How I understand it.

As I gleefully skipped through the anniversary of my first year in the creative industry; I decided perhaps this was prime time for some reflection. A retrospective analysis of the past 525,600 minutes (you're correct – I do think outside the box). A last ditch, shoulder drop/head turn at the end of the movie; nostalgically locking eyes with the heart throb hero - just before the credits drop.

So the verdict? I bloody love it. In my artistic ignorance, illustration themed my working practice. The freedom to create whatever, whenever, without accountability to anyone but myself. For me design was prescriptive. A tad repetitive, and somewhat the crutch of the uninspired. An outreach program, for those who liked to create but typically overmixed the paints, accidentally making that horrible brown sludge. In the words of Cher – ‘If I could turn back time’. Wow I was misinformed.

Turns out that typography is cool as f#£k, almost erring on the side of sexy. As is using your brain first and hands second. Simplicity is power. Visuals are only as strong as their counterpart – key messaging and vice versa. Advertising is taking the world your audience knows and articulating it in the way your brain imagines it. Static stuff is beautiful, moving stuff is beautiful-er. Creative thinking is a blend of technical know-how & adulthood, with naiive thinking & childs play. Think like a chef; the courses should work together to build the taste palette you want. Nothing worse than an excellent appetiser (logo), followed by a terrible main course (identity). Teamwork really does make the dreamwork, and printed work smells exquisite.

So, in summary; beanbags, beards and “making things look pretty” is all bulls*#£t. It's about understanding people, and solving their problems by presenting them with practical, clever and lasting solutions.

At least that’s how I understand it.

Author Luke Vidamour