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Hot Property

Elke approached us with a very direct and no nonsense brief towards the end of 2011.

She, along with Richard Clarke, wanted to set up an estate agency that made simple promises and delivered on them. They wanted to dispense with often employed overly verbose and theatrical sales techniques and simply sell houses in Guernsey, a market that with 15 years of experience they understand better than almost anyone else.

The first stop was to create a name that was totally unique, but also poetic and descriptive of exactly what they do. Thus 25 Square Miles was chosen to highlight their focus, the 25 square miles of granite that make up the Island of Guernsey (well 24.549 square miles to be exact) and understanding every inch of it's property market.

The brand itself is bright, fresh, clear and to the point, the very qualities that are at the heart of this refreshing new agency. The website we created was coded  to be as clear and immediate to the end user as possible. This site also auto generates all the property details and html mailers that are sent out to clients so that the burden of doing so is taken away from Elke and Richard, allowing them to focus on what they are good at.

As their motto reads ... we sell houses, we find homes.

Author Potting Shed