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Happy Valley

We have been working with The Fermain Valley hotel for a fair while now and we've blogged a few of the projects within the complex that we have branded, such as the Ocean and The Rock Garden restaurants.

These projects have run alongside the repositioning of the hotel itself which, although it retained it's original logo has undergone an extensive brand overhaul both through advertising and internal documentation.

Our focus was to create a campaign and supportive literature that reflected the hotels dramatic and peaceful location and position it off-island as the jewel within the crown of Guernsey. Leaves were collected from the valley floor, ensuring they were indigenous to the area and used as a central theme throughout the brand overhaul both as framing and decoration for the photography to re-enforce the sense of being surrounded by foliage and nature.

Before the design process began we undertook a massive customer and internal survey both on and off island and what shone through was not only how highly customers rated the hotel but also just how much the staff loved their beautiful place of work, hopefully we have helped to spread this fantastic message to a wider audience.

Author Potting Shed