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Halloween Bake Off 2023

Happy Halloween! What better way to embrace the spooky season than kicking off the week with the Potting Shed Halloween Bake Off 2023?

This year's participants featured creations such as Dracula’s Dentures, Spooky Spiced Cookies, Voodoolicious Pastries and an array of other haunting culinary concoctions conjured by the Potting Shed team.

Our homemade bakes were evaluated based on both taste and appearance. Tasting these creations was a feast for the senses, with some of us opting for savoury delights and others choosing sweet treats.

In the end, it was Silvie's moreish cheese biscuits (served with olives, a 'bloody' tomato dip, and Marmite-glazed witch's brooms) that earned her the coveted title of "Star Baker" for the year. We can't help but wonder if she'll ever take off that well-deserved apron...

Author Gareth Rowson